• Jan 27

          Kinder AM&PM 10-12
          Student of the Month Lunch
        • Feb 1

          Science Fair Projects Due
          Dental Assembly
        • Feb 2

          Science Fair
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Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Young

Mrs. Brown’s Class

Mrs. Maxson

Mrs. Weimer's Class

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Geisler’s Class

Mrs. Wakefield

Mrs. Miller’s Class

Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Nicholson's Class

Mrs. Montgomery

Mrs. Buchanan’s Class

Mrs. McCaul

Mrs. Hatch’s Class

Mrs. Cook

Mrs. Baugh’s Class

Mrs. Gunnell

Ms. Clark’s Class

Mrs. Anderson

Mr. Fewkes Class

Mrs. Robertson

Mrs. Smoot’s Class

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Curtis's Class

Mrs. Donaldson

Ms. Durfee’s Class

Special Education Teaching Support Staff

Mrs. Burdette

Special Education

Mrs. Proctor

Special Education

Mrs. Murdock

Special Education

Mrs. Morgan

Special Education

Mrs. Barnes

Special Education

Mrs. Cowley

Special Education