Report Volunteer Hours

The Ranches Academy asks that each family volunteer 40 hours of time each school year. 

We also count money or  items donated to the school as volunteer time.

Hours spent volunteering at the school while signed in with a visitor’s badge is logged automatically through our visitor sign in software program. All other hours are logged via a google form . All hours are added up at the end of the year. Please be sure to log any volunteer time done at home, how much money you donate to the school, or how much money you’ve spent on donated items so all of your hours are accounted for.  Remember that when you watch children so another parent  can volunteer at the school, you can count those hours toward your own volunteer hours! 

All volunteers must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor badge.

If you are submitting hours in exchange for money spent on donated items you will calculate 15 minutes for every $5 spent. Thanks.

Log Volunteer Hours