Parking Lot Procedures

The safety of your children is one of our top priorities. Please follow drop-off and pick-up plans below. The loading and exiting lanes are one-way only. Please comply with the following: 

  • Pick-up and drop-off from right curb lane only. 
  • Absolutely no children are allowed in traffic areas at any time. 
  • If your children are not at the designated pick-up area, park your car in the parking area and walk up to the school to find them, or exit school property and circle the block to the back of the line. 
  • Remain with your vehicle at all times. No parking or leaving vehicle unattended will be allowed in the drop-off or exit lanes. 
  • No parking, stopping, waiting, loading, or unloading permitted in the exit lane. 
  • Take turns with oncoming traffic on Red Hawk Road seeking to enter the school driveway.
  • Drop-off

Drop-off Plan

  • From Pony Expressway, turn onto Red Hawk Ranch Road, so you can enter the school campus using that driveway. 
  • Turn right into that driveway and drop-off your children using the pick-up / drop-off lane only (which is the lane closest to the curb). 
  • Once you have dropped off your children move to the exit lane and leave campus through the Tawny Owl Circle exit driveway.

Pick-up Plan

  • Enter the parking lot in the same manner as for drop-off. 
  • Please wait in your car while in the pick-up lane and remain in the car line. 
  • Do not park and attempt to get your child from the pick-up area. 
  • School personnel will do everything in our power to maintain quality traffic flow without compromising safety.
  • Students must be picked up at dismissal time, or immediately following an after school program. Fees may be assessed for habitually late drivers.

Parking Zone Assignments

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