Enrollment FAQ

There will be three groups of students enrolling for the next school year. They are currently enrolled students, siblings of currently enrolled students that have not yet attended Ranches Academy, and new students. During January, you will receive an email referring you to an Enrollment Form and a Withdrawal Form for the next school year. Complete the enrollment form by keying in the names of your currently enrolled children that are planning to return to Ranches Academy, any siblings not previously enrolled who will be new in the coming year (including kindergarten), and any children who may be enrolling in the future. You will need to complete the Withdrawal Form for any children who will not be returning to Ranches Academy the following school year, with the exception of students being promoted to seventh grade.

There is a deadline for the return of these forms. If we do not receive the Enrollment Form by the deadline, those students currently enrolled may risk losing their place for the next school year. While there is a deadline for return of the Withdrawal Form, it helps school personnel make decisions if the Withdrawal Form is turned in as soon as you know that your children will not be attending the Ranches Academy the following school year. The criteria for enrollment is as follows:

Enrollment for the next school year for students attending Ranches Academy during the current school year is automatically confirmed, although the Enrollment Form is still due at the school office by the given deadline date. If we do not receive the form by the deadline, your children may risk losing their place(s) for the coming year.

Siblings of currently enrolled students have preference over new students applying to the school. However, if space becomes available, and there are more siblings waiting for a particular grade level than there is space, there will be a lottery of all siblings for that grade level to determine enrollment. This includes younger siblings entering Kindergarten.

Those students applying for enrollment at the Ranches Academy for the first time must submit their application to enroll online click here. These students must participate in a lottery process for selection.