Students receive differentiated instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic. This allows the student to work with peers at a pace and curriculum level best suited for their needs. It also allows the teacher to focus on individual needs better as differentiated groups tend to be smaller in size than the regular classroom size.

Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge Sequence provides students with a broad knowledge base, rich in vocabulary, on which future instruction can build, broaden and deep. The core is structured to continue throughout a student's education, becoming more detailed and sophisticated in each grade. Using this approach has proved to increase information retention. When meaningful content is paired with effective teaching skills, skill development has shown to come more easily.

The Ranches Academy Charter School will use curriculum, methods, and materials with the following focus:

Reading and Language Arts

Reading, composition and creative writing, phonics, vocabulary, speaking, listening, grammar, literature, library skills.


Problem solving, application and computation skills.

Grammar and Writing

An emphasis on balance between grammatical terms, concepts and rules with actual creative writing and presentation of ideas.


A “hands-on” approach as well as training in scientific methodologies.

Social Science

Emphasis on American and World civilizations and geography.


Activity based approach to develop musical skills and concepts. An emphasis on singing, instruments, listening, and reading.


Guiding the students in gradual development of skills in the uses of elements and application of principles with art tools and materials.

Going beyond the Core

Guiding the students in gradual development of skills in the uses of elements and application of principles with art tools and materials.

Math Curriculum

Eureka Math is the core curriculum used for math instruction. The math curriculum supports the Core Knowledge Sequence and helps to meet the Utah State core curriculum requirements. Eureka Math provides the students opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in a rigorous and personalized environment. Students and parents can access Eureka Math at home through the Internet.

Language Arts

Amplify CKLA is a unique core curriculum grounded in the science of reading, combining rich, diverse content knowledge in history, science, literature, and the arts with systematic, research-based foundational skills instruction. This curriculum inspires curiosity and drives results, empowering all students with rich background knowledge. Amplify CKLA invites students to dig deeper across content areas and make connections.

Students participate daily in reading, writing, discussing, researching, and thinking about authentic, high-quality literature encompassing a range of text genres, including different forms of fiction and nonfiction. Each selection in Amplify CKLA was chosen specifically because it added a new dimension of thought to the concept of a unit and because it was the best possible example of how different forms of literature can all express a particular theme.  

Additional language arts/intervention programs used to enhance CKLA include, Bridge to Reading, iReady Reading, U.F.L.I., Lexia (software), and Heggerty.