Kedrick Morris

Board Member

Kedrick is originally from the promised land of southern California. Despite calling Utah home since 2013, the beach and continuous warm weather will always hold a special place in his heart. After growing up in California, Kedrick studied Marketing at Brigham Young University-Idaho. It was in Idaho that he met his bride-to-be and they started their family. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Marketing he moved with his family to Utah. He quickly found a great passion for Internet Marketing and quickly took that as his career route. Now after spending the last 8 years in internet marketing he still finds great joy in working in a constantly changing field as technology advances. He has spent the last 7 of those years focusing on marketing in the travel industry. Kedrick and his wife have 4 children and are expecting their 5th in September. Their two oldest boys attend Ranches academy (3rd and Kindergarten) and look forward as their children grow to having all their kids attend. When not working, Kedrick prefers to spend his time with his family. He also has a great passion for reading and enjoys reading fantasy, sci-fi, biographies, business books, but will always say his favorite book is The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien. Kedrick also loves to play sports, particularly basketball, spending time outdoors, and will never miss a chance to go play at the beach. 

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