The Ranches Academy Declaration of Candidacy

Board Candidate Application Form

A prospective member of the Board of Trustees must support the charter school concept and commit to uphold The Ranches Academy charter, mission, philosophy, and curriculum. He or she should be available to regularly attend scheduled board meetings, and other meetings as necessary, acquire an understanding of the issues that affect the school, attend to committees assigned to him or her, and represent The Ranches Academy in a professional manner at all times. The term of service is for 2 years.

Address, City, State, and Zip

Certification and Signature

I, the above named Board of Trustees candidate, hereby swear and affirm that I do not hold a paid position that would constitute a conflict of interest with the position I am running for and that I have not been convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime.

I understand that if elected, I must complete a fingerprint and criminal background check in accordance with the Volunteer Service Policy guidelines.

By typing my full name, I agree to my submission of this form.