About Us

Our Philosophy

The Ranches Academy Charter School places an emphasis on academics that will be applied through direct teaching and other effective techniques used in an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program. All children should be given access to the same knowledge base that assures future educational success. Curriculum should include detailed, explicit and systematic sequences of grade specific content that can be consistent, year after year.

To maximize the learning experience for all, an environment of discipline and respect will be cultivated and maintained. To maximize student progress, parental involvement will be encouraged and opportunities provided for hands-on involvement in the education of their children.

Our Mission

The Ranches Academy Charter School was founded to join parents, teachers, students, and community together to create an environment where students have the opportunity to reach their highest potential and are challenged academically, primarily in the areas of reading, writing and arithmetic. This will be accomplished through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program, in an environment of discipline, respect and parental involvement.

About The Ranches Academy


Established in 2004


Staffed with 15 teachers, 18 teacherassistants/para
professionals, and 10 staff members, including Librarian, Counselor, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Lunch Assistant


Class sizes are limited to no more than 26 students


Differentiation and Response to Intervention groups average 1 – 5 students

Teaching assistants in every classroom from 8:00am – 1:00pm daily

Achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) every year 2004 – 2011


UCAS and School Report Cards – highest quartile


Students continually place high at the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair at BYU

Criterion Reference Test Result

School Hours

School starts at 8:15am sharp, and dismisses at 2:45pm.

On Minimum Days, dismissal is at 12:00pm.

Kindergarten School Hours

AM Kindergarten
8:15am – 11:00am

PM Kindergarten
12:00pm – 2:45pm

Office Personnel Hours

Personnel are available from 7:45am – 3:45pm daily, except on holidays and Minimum Days.

Mascot and Colors

School Colors are Red, Navy, and Gold. Our school mascot is Randy the Red Hawk.

School Motto

We are the Redhawks

Courageous and true

We stand for honor

In all that we do!

Mighty, mighty Redhawks

firm and strong.

The Ranches Academy

Is where we belong!